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* When it comes to 'what to do with the rind when it is cut off the cheese'.
   Store it in a freezer bag, in the freezer and next time you are making soup or
   a pot of beans, pull out a piece or two of the rind and drop it in the soup.
   Adds just alittle more flavor. You can pull it out when soup is done.

   Also, you can grind it up very fine and again add it as a spice.



3/4 C Rosecrest Farms Smokey-Peppercorn & Chives, grated
8oz.   Cream Cheese. cut into bits
1/2C  Butter
1/2C  Milk
8oz.   Fettucine, cooked, drained

In large saucepan combine creamcheese, Rosecrest Farms Mountain Swiss Mutschli, butter
and milk, stirring constantly until smooth.  Toss pasta lightly with sauce, coating well.
**Leftovers freeze well.

Submitted by Cornelia Husky of Salem, Oregon
Thanks Cornelia! (Yummy!!)


Large Hoogie Bun
Rosecrest Farms Country Herb & Garlic Swiss
Thin sliced roast beef

Slice hoogie in half. Spread mayonaise on each half. Layer slices of roast beef on buns, top with
slices of Rosecrest Farms Country Herb & Garlic Swiss  and place under broiler
until cheese has melted and alittle brown. (So good you won't want to share.) 




Sour dough bread
Thin sliced Caraway Swiss Cheese

Heat skillet,
Butter one side of 2 slices of bread
Place buttered side down on hot skillet
Lay sliced Caraway Swiss on slices
Place top slice of bread onto cheese
Turn when browned and cheese is melting
Brown other side
Eat----You'll never taste a better grilled cheese sandwich!!!


8 slices firm country-style bread
Cover each slice with 1-large slice of tomato soaked in olive oil,
Broil for 1 (one) minute; just to warm the tomato and slightly toast the bread,
Top each tomato with a thin slice of Smokey-Peppercorn & Chives Swiss cheese,
Broil again until cheese is bubbling.
**you can also add to the bread, before the tomato, a small amount of Balsamic Vinegar
***Fig is wonderful with this cheese...

***This recipe comes from Patty Larsen of Astoria, Oregon.***
    THANKS Patty!!! (delicious!!!)


Preheat the broiler on the lower setting, if you have a choice.
Preheat an ovenproof (preferably non-stick) 9-10-inch skillet on medium heat on stove top.
Start searing about 1 cup whole cherry tomatoes in 2-3 t. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Use a mesh screen to minimize spatter. After they caramelize on one side, swirl pan and add 
1 finely chopped shallot. Sear until tomatoes "burst";i.e., easily flatten with a spatula. Season with 1-2 t.unsalted Spike. Turn down heat to medium-low. Wisk up 4 extra large eggs with 1/3 cup 
ricotta cheese and pour evenly over tomatoes. Cook until eggs are almost set. Take off the heat. Top with a generous layer of
Rosecrest Farms "Smokey-Peppercorn & Chives Swiss" 
Finish under the broiler. The eggs should be set and puffy; the cheese should be just melted. 
Top with drops of Sriracha, if you want more spice.

Thanks to Anne Teaford-Cantor from Astoria, Oregon
for this incredably delicious recipe!!

       TOOOOO much cheese???? Not enough time to eat it all???? Going on a trip and don't want to loose your cheese????
    FREEZE it.......It freezes very nicely....
   When it is time to thaw the cheese out....keep it sealed and thaw it out in the refridgerator for a day or two. This allows the moisture to return back into the cheese.
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