Top 5 Greenhouse Kits for High Winds – Ultimate Guide 2023

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When you are planning to buy a greenhouse for your garden, you should consider what kind of weather you live in. If you live in a very windy area, you should select a greenhouse with great wind resistance. This means that the roof and sides will be made out of strong materials such as metal, wood and plastic.

Choose a strong structure that won’t blow over when you have a strong wind. If you live in a place where the wind blows in a certain direction, make sure that the greenhouse is oriented so that it faces the direction of the wind. You should also select a greenhouse that can provide good ventilation. The vents should be placed in the middle or at the back of the greenhouse so that the warm air won’t get trapped in the greenhouse.

5 best greenhouse kits for high winds

1.Halls Qube greenhouse range


The new range of Halls Qube greenhouses have been specially designed for windy areas of the UK and are ideal for commercial and residential applications.. The new range of Halls Qube greenhouses can withstand prolonged wind speeds of up to 130 km/h.

Halls Qube greenhouses are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications including commercial, domestic and industrial uses, providing all round protection and shade. The new range of Halls Qube greenhouses is built using a robust and heavy duty construction that is extremely easy to assemble and install. The Halls Qube greenhouse range is suitable for use in areas of extreme wind including those found in Yorkshire, Scotland and Wales.

The Halls Qube greenhouse range is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications. From private homes and businesses, to schools and community centres, Halls Qube greenhouse ranges provide an ideal solution for creating indoor gardens, orchards and conservatories.

They boast thick, robust framing and a reinforced wire frame system to protect against wind damage. Halls Qube range are extremely easy to assemble and can be installed quickly.

These ranges can withstand prolonged winds and provide a strong, stable base for your garden, while providing all-round protection and shade. Halls Qube ranges can be used to create a variety of indoor gardens, from tropical to Mediterranean, and feature attractive ventilation and shading, as well as a handy integrated water butt.

2.Forest Vale greenhouse range


The open front gives this greenhouse a traditional look, and the glazing is toughened safety glass with high level of UV protection. The two main glazing panels have been coated with anti-reflective film, helping to minimise the amount of light that penetrates the glass, and glare. The Vale range is suitable for a variety of climates, being designed for both northern and southern climates. With the addition of a double door, it’s easy to extend the growing season.

The greenhouses also come with a rainwater tank, so you can grow plants without the need for water from the mains. The tanks are removable, so you can easily remove them for emptying during the winter months, making it easy to clean out and store away. The tanks are covered in a heavy duty galvanised mesh, and the roof is supported by strong metal posts, ensuring that the greenhouse is both secure and sturdy.

With a simple yet attractive design, this greenhouse offers you the opportunity to start growing fresh food for your family and friends year round, helping to keep your home healthy and safe.

3.Gabriel Ash Classic greenhouse range

What makes the Gabriel Ash range different from most of the other ranges is that they’re constructed with a special type of wood called ‘tropical hardwood’. A tropical hardwood is a type of hardwood that is native to regions with warm climates, including the tropics. It’s characterised by its dark-green or reddish-brown hue, and its straight grain pattern.

Tropical hardwood is also very durable, being resistant to insects, rot, and fire. It’s also a beautiful hardwood that looks stunning when finished. They’re also extremely strong, which is essential for a greenhouse roof that needs to be sturdy. These woods are also naturally resistant to moisture, which is another advantage for the greenhouse manufacturer.

Most manufacturers of greenhouse ranges opt to use plywood, which is cheaper than hardwood. But plywood is usually thin, which is why greenhouse roofs tend to sag, especially if they are heavy. In comparison to plywood, tropical hardwood is thick, so it doesn’t sag as easily. These woods are also highly suitable for construction because they’re easy to carve, making it simple to shape them into curved sections.

4.Elite Titan K800 greenhouse range

As you can see, the K800 has eight panels, making it the perfect choice for anyone with limited space in which to plant their gardening. These panels are easy to put together and come with an extra layer of security thanks to its aluminium cladding. With a maximum capacity of 2,800 square feet, this greenhouse is great for larger garden rooms and for growing larger crops. For growing smaller plants, it has a capacity of just 600 square feet. When you place the K800 greenhouse panels together, you create a strong structure that can take weighty loads of plants and produce crops that are ready to be transplanted into your garden.

The roof of the K800 comes with a durable polycarbonate roofing sheet and is available in two different colours: white and natural wood effect. It also comes in two sizes, 10m x 5m and 10m x 10m. It is built to last and comes complete with a 20 year guarantee from the manufacturer. The roof features a flat profile which creates a smooth and seamless look. It also has a double layer insulation panel on top and comes with a fire alarm system installed.

5.Elite Titan greenhouse range

There are so many greenhouses to choose from nowadays. This means that there are different sizes available for you to buy, which is convenient.

If you are looking for a quality greenhouse, you can buy from the Elite Titan greenhouse range. Elite Titan offers their customers with the perfect design and size for them to use. They have a large choice of greenhouse designs. Whether you’re looking for a small one or a big one, they have a suitable size for you.

These greenhouses come in different sizes, ranging from a small 6ft x 6ft size to a large 12ft x 12ft size. You can also buy these greenhouses with a double wall or a single wall. A double wall is usually used if you want to cover the whole area. The single wall allows light to get in, but keeps the weather out.

A single wall might be more expensive than a double wall, but it makes the greenhouse look bigger. With the high-quality and durable material of Elite Titan, you can be sure that you will get the best value for money when you buy their greenhouses. All the Elite Titan greenhouses are built using double glazed windows and a double wall insulation system.

Final word

Wind can play havoc with your greenhouse, especially if you have one of the lightweight models. Wind can blow it away, knock it over, or rip it open. This can be extremely dangerous. You should also be mindful of the direction the wind is coming from. If the wind is coming from one side, it will affect your plants on that side more than the other sides.

The stronger the wind, the worse it will affect your plants. If you have a lightweight model, you might not be able to afford a greenhouse that’s built to withstand the wind, but you can still invest in a sturdy, windproof greenhouse. Your plants will be protected from the wind, and you’ll be able to enjoy gardening all year round.

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